PONTON presentations on conferences & workshops:



  • Presentation on "Branchenforum Marktkommunikation" (in German), Vienna, 13. December, 2019
  • Presentation on "Decentralised Trading in Local Energy Communities", European Utilities Week, Paris, 14. November, 2019, see interview on YouTube
  • Panel Session on Decentralised Eenergy Processes, GEODE Meeting, Glasgow, 29. October, 2019
  • Presentation on "Blockchain Technology in Energy - Status Quo and Future Challenges", Energoclub Conference, Slovakia, 18. October 2019
  • Presentation on Eurelectric Blockchain Workshop, Madrid, 24. Spetember, 2019
  • Presentation on "Decentralised Trading", Blockchance Conference, Hamburg, 16./17. August, 2019
  • Presentation on "WRMHL Framework", Blockchain Mania, Hamburg, 8. July, 2019
  • Presentation on "Decentralised Trading", Distribute Conference, Hamburg, 27. June, 2019
  • Presentation on "Markets vs. grids – how can the invisible hand help decentralize the trading of flexibility?", ETCSEE Conference, Budapest, 20. June, 2019
  • Presentation on Distribute Conference, Hamburg, 27. June, 2019
  • Presentation on “Tag der digitalen Technologien”, Berlin, 2019
  • Chairman & Panelist, Blockchain and Smart Contracts: Transforming the Energy Industry, Vienna, 10. April, 2019
  • Keynote speech on Blockchain and Energy, internal Client conference, Cologne, 4. April, 2019
  • Presentation on Smart Grid Technical Forum, Amsterdam, 26. March, 2019
  • Presentation on PONTON blockchain projects, EDNA Meeting, Mannheim, 13./14. March 2019
  • Panelist in Blockchain Expert Panel, Blockchain Mania, Hamburg, 12. March, 2019
  • Webinar on Enerchain and the WRMHL Framework, Energy Blockchain Talks, Meetup, 26. February, 2019
  • Presentation on Blockchain Future Festival, Stuttgart, 21. February, 2019
  • Presentation on Conference Blockchain2Energy, Amsterdam, 13. January, 2019




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