Key Insights Report of the Enerchain PoC

Over 40 energy trading organisation participated in the Enerchain PoC between June 2017 and March 2018. The goal was to develop a distributed trading platform for power and gas in Europe.

Apart from various live trades that were presented in public, several more were executed bilaterally between market participants over the blockchain platform. 

Results and lessons learned were compliled in the Key Insights Report:

Next project steps are

  • Form an Enerchain legal entity that represents the consortium and facilitates decision making / governance processes
  • Agree on a set of contracts among project participants and with service providers
  • Extend the Enerchain trading software for third parties that use the Enerchain API for the provision of add-on services such as trading front-ends, optiminsation functions, capacity trading etc.
  • PONTON's WRMHL Framework is extended for use in further blockchain-based systems that require coordination of distributed applications

It is expected that these steps are reached by Q3 2018.