Peer-to-peer Energy Trading using the Blockchain

EnerChain is the world’s first trading tool for wholesale energy trading over the blockchain.

Energy traders do not need to trade products any more using a platform. For liquid OTC markets, PONTON has developed a peer-to-peer trading tool that enables traders buy and sell directly without a broker and without an exchange.


Easy to start: just download EnerChain and get connected - with or without a local blockchain node.

Easy to Use: Place orders, click to close transactions as known from platform-centric screens.

Easy to integrate: EnerChain exports standard EFET eCM trade confirmations that can be processed by your back office.

Easy to report: Trades are purely closed peer-to-peer. Don’t fear MiFiD II. Just report EnerChain deals as REMIT phase 2 trades.

Where does Enerchain fit? Many contracts for power or gas are closed bilaterally, i.e., traders call each other, send emails, or use an instant messenger. This is a tedious and time-consuming process. With enerchain you just place a bid on the blockchain and let sellers turn it into a trade. Or vice versa. Thanks to the blockchain it is all docuemented and can be imported into your ETRM / portfolio management system.