From DAO to Demokration?

Now for something completely different: I wrote a science fiction short story on blockchain: "In der Falle des Demokration" (in German language). It is written in Stanisław Lem's style. Lem was a science fiction author who mainly wrote short stories back in the 60s and 70s. His protagonist was Ijon Tichi, a star traveller who experienced most bizarre adventures in outer space, on remote planets, in our galaxy or just on earth. He encountered mad robots, virtual realites, time vortices or galactic congress sessions. Lem's languange is as seventies as can be: no computers but electron brains, no internet but galactic dispatch, no AI but mad robots, no smart phones, no VR, ... However, with his creativity and neologisms Lem somehow anticipateed everything.

... and now also the blockchain: This story treats the development of the "The DAO, the Hack, the Fork" as in happened in summer 2016 in the Ethereum community. In this story, it is not "The DAO" which is exploited by a hacker, it is the "Demokration" - a Distributed Autonomous governmental Organisation - to which the Etherean civilization has transferred all political power to avoid corruption and administrative inefficiencies. Finally, the Demokration turns against its own people with best intention. In such situation, of course, it requires Ijon Tichi to sort out the situation and re-establish the good old state of inefficiency.

P.S.: People told me that there might be just 100 receipients workd-wide for this story: they need to understand German, they need to know a bit about blockchain, and they need to be Stanislaw Lem fans. Not a large intersection, indeed. However, if there is any Stanislaw-Lem-cum-blockchain enthusiast out there who would be able to translate this story into English while preserving the original style of the Lem translator, I would be happy to assist in translating this story.

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