International blockchain book presentation in Zürich

Authors of the book "Blockchain Technology" presented their work at the IBM Research Center.

All co-authors gave a brief overview on how they came across blockchain technology and how they see this technology being adopted in their respective research, business or technology domains. Christian Cachin explained how the blockchain works and reported on the current status of the HyperLedger project.  Another blockchain enthusiast presented Ethereum, the DAO, the Hack, the hardfork and Ethereum classic - which led to a vibrant dicussion whether the hardfork was ethically correct or not - and if this measure may have violated trust in the Ethereum technology and smart contracts based on it.

Michael Merz presented the different projects PONTON is doing in the "blockchain in energy" space and the highlights of his book chapter.

Here is the Video of the event:

And here is the book (in German, being translated):